Forst Eibenstein
More than just hunting!

Forst Eibenstein, is divided in three divisions: The private Forst Eibenstein species conservation initiative (Wildlife Conservation Forst Eibenstein), the Forst Eibenstein forestry operations of Family Donhauser (D, HR, AT) and Forst Eibenstein the Travel Agency (of DONHAUSER services & sales GmbH).
The Eibenstein itself, is the first mountain range of today’s Vorderer Bayerischer Wald coming from the north. At its foot you find Lake Eixendorf and and also the headquarters of the Forst Eibenstein company.
The hunting operation of Forst Eibenstein covers about 20,000 ha internationally whereas in Germany its distributed over several hunting grounds each about 1,500 ha.

Species protection at Forst Eibenstein

German hunting principles are combined with knowledge of modern wildlife biology approaches at FORST EIBENSTEIN and secure wildlife habitats. The species conservation initiative Wildlife Conservation Forst Eibenstein invests in their development in the long term.
Project examples are the protection of field grouse and ground nesting birds in the Upper Palatinate Forest, the development of mountain game in the Tyrolean Alps, Sika and mouflon game protection in the Czech Republic, as well as the Maned Warbler project in Mosor – Croatia.

Workshops at Forst Eibenstein

Under “The knowledge of professional hunting”, we are organizing an extensive series of workshops every year and also in the hunting year 2023/2024. Ranging from hunting practice and wildlife biology to the training of hunting dogs.
Workshops are often held in the Bavaria/Bohemia operation in the area of our headquarters. To complement this, we also have offerings at other locations in various countries, including our field water exercise days in Croatia. Please refer to the detailed descriptions here.
Almost every time real hunting is already part of the workshop or can additionally be booked on typical game of the region at a reasonable price. The workshops will only take place if there is a sufficient number of participants. Until then our offer will be considered as non-binding.

Sustainability at Forst Eibenstein

The use of venison as a food is understood as the purpose of hunting. The Meat of all hunted species in the FORST EIBENSTEIN hunting grounds are used sustainably for human consumption. The resulting pelts go into fur processing. Not to waste anything and to respect the creation is the highest premise of our family business.
People and game in the hunting ground must be well, that is the approach.

Individuality at Forst Eibenstein

Every trip with FORST EIBENSTEIN Travel Agency is an experience and as a FE-Individual a unique experience. Through FE-Exklusive, in addition to very high quality accommodations and offers, we also offer the option of having a personal professional hunter to accompany you exclusively.

Principles at Forst Eibenstein

All our operations are based on the highest quality standards, which are also mandatory for our partners. These claims are recognized in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 continuously monitored by our quality management and controlled by the WCFE e.V. in random samples.
Our hunting principles include species conservation and sustainability, regionality and social behavior, ESG compliance, and guest safety. We care about sustainability, biodiversity and animal-friendly handling. Regionality and social behavior are important to us, as is documentation. ESG conformity, compliance and commitment to environmental and social issues are binding requirements for us. We offer comprehensive security measures, insurance and financial protection for our guests. Control, transparency and honesty are natural to us and remain so through our management.
Another matter close to our heart is to improve the perception of hunting in our society in general: Hunting and esp. professional hunting is so much more than just shooting an animal!


Jürgen Donhauser, Ph.D.
Dipl.-Kfm., MBA, Academic Hunting Administrator, International Directorate

As a committed hunter, I see game management as more than just hunting! The political task for us hunters is to master the harmony between the use of nature and wildlife protection.

Caroline Donhauser
Academic Hunting Administrator, Managing Director Forst Eibenstein Germany

Developing sustainable wildlife habitat structures and treating wildlife honestly is important to me.

Radovan Abramovic
Agency management FE Travel Agency B.Sc. (hunting) and Lovocuvar, Secretary FE-HR

In my position as head of Forst Eibenstein Travel Agency and country representative for HR in Croatia, I am at your disposal as a contact person. You can contact me anytime in English or German.

Hans-Peter Krabacher
Tyrolean district hunter (master), district leader hunting Pfaffler

The quality of a high mountain range is characterized by a diurnal, healthy and species-rich game population, but also in harmony with stable climatic and protective forests. For this to work, professional hunting is extremely important!

Drazen Pokos
Lovocuar / Hunting Warden FE-HR

I will introduce you to hunting in Croatia and our national culture. As an employee for hunting at FORST EIBENSTEIN HR, it is important to me to ensure your safety and satisfaction here.