Brown bear - Forst Eibenstein

The brown bear, also known as the grizzly bear, is one of the most impressive and powerful game species found in the forests and mountainous regions of North America and Eurasia. At Forst Eibenstein we offer you the opportunity to hunt these majestic animals in our carefully selected hunting grounds.

Brown bears are known for their impressive size and strength. They are omnivorous and their diet varies depending on the season and habitat, feeding on everything from berries and plants to fish and smaller mammals.

Brown bear hunting is one of the most challenging and exciting types of hunting. It requires skill, patience and a deep understanding of the behavior of these animals. Brown bears are known for their strength and endurance, making them a challenge for any hunter. At Forst Eibenstein we offer you the opportunity to expand and deepen your skills and knowledge in brown bear hunting.

Our experienced hunters and wildlife biologists are on hand to ensure your hunting experience is both successful and fulfilling. They will help you understand the habits and behaviors of brown bears and give you tips and techniques for a successful hunt.

Discover the fascination of hunting brown bears with Forst Eibenstein and have a hunting experience you won’t soon forget. Forst Eibenstein looks forward to joining you on your next brown bear hunting trip.