Barbary sheep - Forst Eibenstein

The Barbary sheep (Amotragus lervia), also known as the Aoudad, is an impressive species of wildlife native to the rocky areas of North Africa. It can also be found as an introduced species in Croatia, Spain, and Portugal in Europe. With its majestic appearance and strong climbing abilities, the Barbary sheep offers a challenging and exhilarating hunting opportunity.

Barbary sheep are characterized by their robust stature and impressive spiral-shaped horns, which are present in both males and females. These horns are highly sought after by hunters and give the Barbary sheep an imposing presence.

Hunting Barbary sheep requires skill, endurance, and a good understanding of their behavior. Adapted to rocky terrain, they are capable of navigating difficult landscapes and moving quickly and gracefully. The challenge lies in silently approaching the Barbary sheep and making the perfect shot.

The trophy of a harvested Barbary sheep is a reward for the hunter’s skills and dedication. A mature ram can weigh up to an impressive 150 kg. Both the horns and the mane contribute to the quality of the trophies. It is crucial that Barbary sheep hunting is conducted sustainably and responsibly to ensure the preservation of this fascinating species. This is of great importance to Forst Eibenstein.

Barbary sheep hunting offers hunters the opportunity to participate in an exciting adventure. For those seeking a challenging hunting experience in rocky regions, Barbary sheep hunting is definitely an option to consider. Particularly, the coastal region of Dalmatia is renowned for its rugged and rocky hills, providing breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea during the hunt. Dalmatia is the perfect destination to combine a hunting trip with a relaxing seaside vacation.