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More than just hunting!

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FORST EIBENSTEIN is more than just hunting! FORST EIBENSTEIN works its own in well-chosen hunting grounds and carefully examined shooting areas. German hunting principles combined with knowledge of modern wildlife biology approaches at FORST EIBENSTEIN ensure sustainable wildlife habitats. The FORST EIBENSTEIN species conservation initiative is a long-term investment in their development. Project examples are the protection of field grouse and ground nesting birds in the Upper Palatinate Forest, the development of mountain game in the Tyrolean Alps, sika and mouflon game protection in the Czech Republic, as well as the maned springer project in Mosor – Croatia. People and game in the hunting ground must be well, that is the approach. FORST EIBENSTEIN often is landowner in the hunting grounds through the forestry, land and hunting operations. We see the connection, between the right and the obligation of land with the hunting right as a responsibility for the future.

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In 2014 we began to organize hunting trips with our own guests and gradualy became the specialist for hunting in Europe. In 2019 our agency team already started to offer “small” fishing trips and in 2023 our business grew again by adding the units FORST EIBENSTEIN ADVENTURE TOURS and FORST EIBENSTEIN AFRICA UNIT. The ADVENTURE UNIT will offer adventure, knowledge and experience trips in and with nature. In Namibia we were able to win over the Schwalm family and OMALANGA Safaris to represent Forst Eibenstein in accordance with our goals. Now we cover for you all around the world, albeit in the initial stages, but with the same motivation and competence.

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The heart of “HUNTING THE OMALANGA WAY” is, of course, our commitment.
For the protection of wildlife as well as for sustainable and fair hunting.

Forest Eibenstein Africa Unit & Omalanga Safaris

W C F E e. V. – the private species protection initiative

Our initiative started in 2010 as “Wildlife Conservation Forst Eibenstein”. Under the leadership of Dpl.-Ing. Martin Beiel, today’s WCFE e.V. was founded in 2011. Our focus is on climate and species protection as well as sustainable agriculture. In recent years, we focused on projects such as the protection of wildcats in Croatia. Since 2015, we have been committed to field hens, brown hares and other small game species. Other projects on hunting wildlife have emerged. As an association, we create consultation and transparency for nature and species conservation. Our mission is to bring together species conservation, biodiversity and dealing with climate change. We actively influence and award sustainability indices and certificates. The non-profit and independent WCFE e.V. invites interested people to be part of nature conservation.


The knowledge of professional hunting: experience, learn and discover in our seminar series

Field water exercise days in Croatia

Under “The knowledge of professional hunting”, we are organizing an extensive series of workshops every year and also in the hunting year 2023/2024. Ranging from hunting practice and wildlife biology to the training of hunting dogs.
Workshops are often held in the Bavaria/Bohemia operation in the area of our headquarters. To complement this, we also have offerings at other locations in various countries, including our field water exercise days in Croatia. Please refer to the detailed descriptions here.
Almost every time real hunting is already part of the workshop or can additionally be booked on typical game of the region at a reasonable price. The workshops will only take place if there is a sufficient number of participants. Until then our offer will be considered as non-binding.

Frequently asked questions

What is Forst Eibenstein?2023-06-13T15:16:14+02:00

Forst Eibenstein is your provider for unforgettable hunting trips in Europe and beyond. We offer you hunting experiences in our own hunting grounds and carefully selected partner hunting grounds.

What types of game can I hunt at Forst Eibenstein?2023-06-13T15:16:34+02:00

With us you have the opportunity to hunt a variety of game species, including roe deer, wild boar, red deer, mouflon, brown hare, fox and many more.

What makes Forst Eibenstein different from other hunting providers?2023-06-06T13:36:07+02:00

We combine German weidmännische principles with the knowledge of modern wildlife biology approaches. Our goal is to be good for both you and the game in the field.

Does Forst Eibenstein offer other types of trips?2023-06-06T13:36:22+02:00

Yes, besides our hunting trips we also offer you adventure, knowledge and experience trips in and with nature.

How can I contact Forst Eibenstein?2023-06-06T13:36:36+02:00

You can reach us via the contact form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

What is the species conservation initiative of Forst Eibenstein?2023-06-06T13:36:54+02:00

Our Species Conservation Initiative is a project that aims to sustainably protect and invest in the development of wildlife habitats. Some of our projects include the protection of grouse and ground nesting birds in the Upper Palatinate Forest, mountain game development in the Tyrolean Alps, Sika and Mouflon game protection in the Czech Republic, and the Maned Warbler project in Mosor – Croatia.

What is Forst Eibenstein’s philosophy regarding the use of game meat?2023-06-06T13:37:51+02:00

At Forst Eibenstein, the use of game meat as a foodstuff is understood as the purpose of hunting. All hunted species in the Forst Eibenstein hunting grounds are used sustainably and go primarily for human consumption, pelts for fur processing. Our goal is to waste nothing and respect creation.

How can I support Forst Eibenstein in the species protection initiative?2023-06-06T13:38:09+02:00

You can support us by spreading the word about our projects, donating or becoming active yourself. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Does Forst Eibenstein offer trips for non-hunters?2023-06-06T13:38:32+02:00

Yes, besides our hunting trips we also offer adventure, knowledge and experience trips in and with nature. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

What does it mean that Forst Eibenstein is certified according to ISO 9001:2015?2023-06-06T13:38:57+02:00

ISO 9001:2015 certification means that Forst Eibenstein has implemented a quality management system that meets internationally recognized standards. This ensures that we are committed to making continuous improvements and increasing customer satisfaction.

Does Forst Eibenstein also offer hunting training or courses?2023-06-06T13:40:06+02:00

Yes, Forst Eibenstein offers a number of seminars and courses to assist hunters of all experience levels. For more information on our offerings, click here:

What is special about the hunting grounds of Forst Eibenstein?2023-06-06T13:40:28+02:00

Our hunting grounds are carefully selected to provide a variety of game species in natural and sustainably managed habitats. Our hunting grounds offer a challenging and rewarding hunting experience for hunters of all experience levels.

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